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Officials search plane at Armstrong International after suspicious note found


FBI officials are investigating a suspicious note found on an airplane bound for New Orleans. United Airlines Flight 831, out of Newark New Jersey was bound for New Orleans and landed safely at Armstrong International Airport, Saturday.

Airport officials say that they were notified of the note by TSA officials. Following airport emergency procedures, the plane was parked on the airfield and the passengers were off-loaded and processed by police. Crews then inspected the plane and its cargo. 

An FBI official says that the note contained information about a possible bomb on the plane. The note was found in a seat pocket located behind the seat. Officials do not know how long the note was on the airplane and are working to find where it came from.

The incident did not affect any other flights and the passengers remained safe and secure. Crews wrapped up the search around 9:15 p.m. Saturday. 

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