Rising egg prices the result of deadly avian virus

Rising egg prices the result of deadly avian virus

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - At the Baton Rouge location of Another Broken Egg, things are heating up as the chef cooks up the restaurant's specialty - eggs. Everything from a Benedict to an omelet.

But what has General Manager Emily Sciortino scrambling is the rising prices of eggs.

"For a whole egg, the cost has doubled," Sciortino said. "For our liquid eggs, the cost has gone up from $40 to $46."

Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain said the nation is seeing a spike in egg prices because millions of chickens have been killed by an avian virus. He said the virus originated in Asia and has made its way to the states.

But Strain said there is some good news.

"We've seen the crest," he said. "We've seen the peak of the disease and now we are starting to see it slowly going down. We think that we have a better idea and understanding of how this occurred and we are developing a vaccine."

Other than paying a little more at the store, Thersia Lavernge with the LSU Ag Center said people shouldn't be worried about catching the virus because of how we typically eat an egg.

"If there even was the slightest chance the influenza was present in an egg a consumer had purchased, that virus will be killed by the heat of cooking," she said.

Back at Another Broken Egg, Sciortino said they haven't made any changes to the menu just yet, but they are hoping this egg crisis will soon be over – easy.

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