Benson v. Benson Day 3: Grandchildren testify against Saints owner

Benson v. Benson Day 3: Grandchildren testify against Saints owner

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A judge heard testimony from the grandchildren of Tom Benson and the doctors who evaluated the 87-year-old billionaire in day three of the Benson competency trial. It has been an emotional week in the competency trial of the Saints and Pelicans owner.

Benson's grandson, Ryan LeBlanc, testified, following his sister, Rita, who testified behind closed doors most of the day. It is the third day of Benson's competency trial.

Rita, who was at one time designated to take over the New Orleans Saints, testified longer than many expected. She got on the stand Tuesday at 3 p.m. and has appeared strong and confident during court breaks.

Benson was asked how he felt about his granddaughter's testimony. His attorney quickly stepped in and said he could not comment. But Benson said he is getting stronger when asked if he is holding up.

"I can hardly wait until football season," Benson said.

For the first time since the trial stated, a supporter showed up to court carrying a sign. He said he agrees with the Saints and Pelicans owner's decision in spite of the challenge brought by his daughter, Renee, and his grandchildren

The battle over control of  Benson's fortune began behind closed doors in Orleans Parish Civil Court on Monday. An appeals court upheld Judge Kern Reese's decision to close the hearing and keep out all members of the media.

Benson and his estranged family are fighting over his fortune after he announced that his wife, Gayle, would take over when he dies. The decision was followed by the family saying Benson was incapable of taking care of himself and his two franchises.

Sources now say testimony is running so long, it could stretch into next week.

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