Workout Wednesday: Bikini Challenge

(WVUE) - Trainer: April Dupre' of Footprints to Fitness


1. Hop & Squat: Try 5 sets of 20

  • Hop into a squat with feet shoulder width apart
  • Hop in mid way to squat with feet shoulder width apart
  • Hop center with feet a few inches apart from each other
  • Return to start position and repeat

*Make sure to sit glutes back not allowing knees to go very toes. Keep core tight.

2. Plank Pop Ups: Try 5 sets of 20

  • Squat with hands by chest then pop into standing plank
  • Repeat motion

Modification: step into plank one foot at a time then step back to center

Take your time and keep core tight

3. Weighted Jumping Jacks: (3-5 lb weights) Try 5 sets of 20

  • Perform jumping jack with weights in hand.
  • Keep a slight bend in elbows while maintaining core strength.


  • Press weights in front of you from chest while jumping
  • Press weights towards ground while jumping

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