Water main ruptures, floods Uptown street

Water main ruptures, floods Uptown street

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A broken water main causes a big mess on an Uptown street.

Water is gushing on Calhoun Street between Freret and LaSalle. A 16-inch water main ruptured overnight. Sewerage and Water Board workers are currently on hand.

Many who live in the area say the problem started sometime early Friday morning. They claim that the water was deeper earlier in the day than it is Friday afternoon.

There are no problems with flooding to report, except ankle-deep mud on the sidewalks. The Sewerage and Water Board can't say when the problem will be fixed. In the meantime, people connected to the ruptured main have low water pressure and are worried about having no water at all.

Calhoun is one of the streets Uptown not under construction right now. However, the problem could mean roadwork on the stretch of the street for at least a short while.

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