Clean up continues on Calhoun after water main break

Clean up continues on Calhoun after water main break

A stretch of Calhoun remained blocked Monday as Sewerage and Water Board crews cleaned up a big mess that bubbled up Friday.

A 16-inch water main burst in the early morning hours, sending water and mud up to the surface and spilling out of every crack and crevice.

The sewerage and water board spent the weekend making the repairs and a spokesperson says the problem has been fixed now.

It was the second water main to rupture in a week around the city.

One earlier in the week left people in lower Algiers and English Turn with little to no water pressure for at least a day.

A Sewerage and Water Board spokesperson said Friday the system is old, more than 40 years in some parts of the city and age possibly contributed to both water main breaks.

"We've said for quite some time that we're working with an old system and the good thing about it is that we're also in the process of doing water line replacement so we're doing whole line replacements right now rather than effecting small repairs so it's going to get better and it's getting better right now," says Robert Jackson.

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