Accused driver in killing of Metairie father, son appears in court

Accused driver in killing of Metairie father, son appears in court

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - A woman accused in the killing of a Metairie father and son appeared in court Tuesday morning.

The court found probable cause to hold Haraquon DeGruy, 18, as charged. She has been charged with two counts of principal to second degree murder and one account of first degree murder.

Jefferson Parish deputies say DeGruy and 17-year-old Dexter Allen were breaking into cars in the 3700 block of Clifford Drive, the same Metairie neighborhood where David and Nicholas Pence were shot dead on April 22.

Deputies say DeGruy admitted they were riding around in the area committing vehicle burglaries when they saw the Pence's garage open with the lights on. She said they decided to rob the family. Allen allegedly grabbed a shotgun and got out of the car while DeGruy circled the block.

Police say Allen went into the house through an unlocked side door and stole various items from the house, including items from Elizabeth Pence's purse that were later used as evidence. Police are still unsure why David and Nicholas Pence were killed during the robbery.

DeGruy allegedly confessed to police that Allen came back to the car and told her that he killed someone and they needed to leave.

Officers arriving on the scene found David Pence, 56, shot multiple times in a living room chair. Nicholas Pence, 25, was found lying on the living room floor with multiple gunshot wounds, deputies say. Both men died on the scene.

Police were able to identify the pair as suspects via a neighbor's video surveillance. Police working the case also investigated nearby vehicle burglaries and found DeGruy's finger prints on a car burglarized one street over.

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