Workout Wednesday: Medicine Ball Exercise

Workout Wednesday: Medicine Ball Exercise

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - This week's Workout Wednesday shows off some great exercises you can do at home. Personal Trainer Davlin Marshall of Drive Sports Performance gives tips on how to slim out the core while using a medicine ball.

In the first exercise, stand straight up twisting the body side to side while holding the medicine ball in the center. This exercise is a perfect core warm up. It is recommended that you do 20 reps.

The next exercise is done the same way but in a seated position. Try holding your feet up in the air for a more advanced workout.

Instead of doing a standard crunch, a reverse crunch is just as effective. This can be done by lying on your back with the medicine ball upright while pushing the knees into chest. Heels should slightly tap the ground. This reverse crunch exercise is recommended for 20 reps.

The last ab exercise is a toe touch. Straighten the legs out to the ceiling while reaching the ball to your toes for 20 reps also.

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