Pickup truck plunged from 5th level of parking garage onto street

Pickup truck plunged from 5th level of parking garage onto street

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "This is the first time I've ever seen anything like this, except in a movie," says Paul Dolce.

Screaming witnesses ran towards a pickup truck that had just plunged through a parking garage window onto the street.

"I was right here starting my job this morning, and I heard a bunch of glass crunching," says Dolce.

Paul Dolce, a contractor, was across the street from the Poydras Center Parking Garage.

He says, hearing the noises, he looked up.

"I don't know exactly what happened. I don't know if his brakes failed or he accelerated. He didn't really come flying out of there. It kind of fell down slowly. It looked like slow motion, and as he was falling the car flipped over. It landed on the roof of the car," says Dolce.

A picture, from our partners at NOLA.com/ The Times Picayune, shows the reverse angle of the fifth floor of the parking garage after the crash.

Police say the driver first went through the steel barrier and then the tinted glass window before falling to the street.

"It was pretty loud. You could hear it from block away," says Dolce.

Dolce, along with nearly a dozen others, ran towards the truck hoping to help the driver.

The driver, though, died.

Witnesses tell us they believe the driver may have been a parking attendant.

"He had a parking attendant shirt on. I'm not really sure if he worked here or not," says Dolce.

Everything unfolded in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Witnesses say a woman, behind the wheel of a nearby car, barely escaped being hit by the truck.

"I mean the car barely missed here. Actually, parts of the truck that fell out of the window fell on her car. It just crushed her hood. Thank GOD she wasn't seriously hurt," says Dolce.

EMS says a woman was transported to the hospital, but she was in very stable condition.

No one else was hurt.

The driver's name has not been released yet.

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