Gusman says OPP ready for hurricane season

Gusman says OPP ready for hurricane season
Interior of new Orleans Parish Prison facility (FOX 8 Photo)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman said the jail is ready in case of a hurricane this season, thanks to cooperation with state and regional authorities.

"The total number of municipal, parish and state inmates in the custody of the Sheriff's Office now stands at about 1,700 inmates," Gusman said. "In the event of a threatening tropical storm, the deputies and staff of the Sheriff's Office must move these inmates to safer shelter in other parishes."

Gusman said a key part of the hurricane preparedness plan is to move inmates before contraflow begins, so inmate evacuation will not impede an evacuation by the general public.

The sheriff's office now uses arm band technology, which allows the Sheriff's Office to track evacuated inmates to temporary facilities and back to the parish jail once the all clear has been given.

Other improvements since Hurricane Katrina include a new Kitchen, warehouse, central plant and state of the art inmate housing facility.

"The Sheriff's Office is on alert and ready to respond in the event a disaster strikes," Gusman said.

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