Gayle Benson testifies in husband's competency hearing

Gayle Benson testifies in husband's competency hearing

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The woman at the center of the fight between Tom Benson and his family, takes the stand.

After days of showing up to Civil District Court alone, Tom Benson left his competency hearing Wednesday, on the arm of wife Gayle, instead of his attorney.

"My baby's tough," Gayle Benson said.

Tom Benson adds, "She made me tough."

Gayle Benson spent five hours on the witness stand.

FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti says, "She's gonna be there to refute all the bad things which I'm sure they talking about her, what she's done to Tom Benson."

"We finished with Gayle Benson and I think it's good we stayed and got that done," LeBlanc family attorney Randy Smith said.

Despite Wednesday being the first day Gayle Benson and the LeBlanc family were in the same room together in quite some time, Smith says everyone stayed focused on the matter at hand. "Everything's professional, it's not a street fight," Smith commented.

Tom Benson's daughter Renee and grandchildren, Rita and Ryan, are trying to prove he's not capable of handling his business affairs, in order to regain their stake in the Saints and Pelicans. Three doctors were hired to evaluate the billionaire.

Wednesday's first witness of the day was Dr. Kenneth Sakayue. He's the independent psychiatrist chosen by Benson's doctor and a doctor hired by the LeBlanc family.

Raspanti thinks it's significant Benson's attorney called Sakayue to testify before the doctor Benson hired. "I think Phil Wittmann called him because he knows he's gonna testify Tom Benson is competent," Raspanti said.

With only two witnesses left, the trial is expected to wrap Friday.

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