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Estate attorney, psychiatrist expected to testify in day 7 of Benson competency trial

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A rare half day in the competency trial of Tom Benson got underway Thursday afternoon in the chambers of Judge Kern Reese.

Reese took time out of the trial to tend to litigation concerning New Orleans firefighters.

Thursday's testimony will feature Paul Cordes, an estate attorney for Tom Benson who was instrumental in the Benson Tower deal five years ago.

Also expected to testify is John Thompson, a psychiatrist chosen by the Benson defense team to examine the billionaire.

Thursday's testimony comes at the heels of testimony from Gayle Benson, who was on the witness stand for five hours Wednesday. It's unknown what she said as the hearings are being held behind closed doors. However, attorneys on both sides have described these hearings as unfortunate but civil.

It's still not known if Tom Benson will testify, or if these hearings will wrap up this week or extend into next. If John Thompson testifies today, he will be the third psychiatrist to take the stand in the Benson competency trial.

Benson and his estranged family are fighting over his fortune after he announced that his wife, Gayle, would take over when he dies. The decision was followed by the family saying Benson was incapable of taking care of himself and his two franchises.

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