Day 7 of the Benson trial: Will the Saints owner take the stand?

Day 7 of the Benson trial: Will the Saints owner take the stand?

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - After seven days of the Tom Benson competency trial, it is still not clear if the Saints and Pelicans owner will testify.

The attorney for Benson's daughter and grandchildren said the billionaire might see the stand during rebuttal arguments.

"It's possible. We'll see what happens at the end of their case," attorney Randy Smith said.

The defense portion of the Benson trial is down to its last two witnesses. Benson estate attorney Paul Cordes was first up Thursday afternoon. He was expected to testify about recent dealings with Benson, who arrived at court on a walker and eager for trial's end.

"I love you guys but I'd rather be at training camp," Benson said to the media as he walked into court.

Benson's defense team's last witness will likely be Tulane psychiatrist Dr. John Thompson. But the attorney for Benson's jilted heirs says he is still hoping to get the billionaire on the stand.

"He has the right to testify. The question is, does he have the right not to testify? As we said before, (the Benson heirs) are here to help him. We have two more days I think," Smith said.

That means testimony could wrap up as early as Friday.

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