Lawmakers agree to protect Jindal's anti-tax record

Lawmakers agree to protect Jindal's anti-tax record

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Lawmakers have agreed to Gov. Bobby Jindal's demand that they create a tax credit on paper to escape a veto of budget financing plans - and protect the Republican governor's anti-tax record.

With House and Senate approval in the final hours of the legislative session Thursday, support of the tax credit maneuver paved the way for passage of a $24 billion budget deal.

Jindal, readying for a presidential campaign, threatened to veto $370 million in bills he considers tax increases, unless lawmakers offset them with what he considers a tax cut.

To satisfy Jindal's terms, lawmakers created a tax credit that doesn't cut anyone's taxes or raise any new money, despite criticism it's a scam designed solely to benefit Jindal's ambitions. The Senate voted 30-9. The House voted 59-43.

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