Bruce: Rain chances on the rise

Bruce: Rain chances on the rise

Yesterday, I talked about an upper low in the northeast Gulf that would gradually pull westward.

This will put us on the wetter side of the low as rain chances will be very high today through Saturday.

We will see rain chances go down by Sunday with just the typical summer PM storms. A plume of moisture moving in from the Gulf of Mexico combined with the instability caused by the sea breeze and daytime heating will increase our rain chances as we head into the weekend.

Expect some heavy down pours with lightning and coverage to increase to 70 to 80 percent over the weekend.

You will need the rain gear as it doesn't appear we will see many changes until the beginning of next week.

Tropics remain quiet in the Atlantic as the Eastern Pacific sees another named storm. The Pacific is already on it's 3rd named storm Carlos

--Meteorologist Bruce Katz

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