New marketing campaign touts summer tourism

New marketing campaign touts summer tourism

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Tourism leaders want everyone one to know that New Orleans is one of the coolest places to visit this summer. Ads are running in 35 television markets, showing all sides of the city and encouraging visitors to find their own NOLA.

"It's beautiful. I love the artist community," said one woman visiting the city from Washington D.C.

"Every night there's jazz somewhere I heard," her husband said.

New tourism spots hope to lure more people like them. The ads are airing in 35 markets, targeting cities with nonstop flights.

"We are also targeting the drive market where you can get here in a day's drive," New Orleans Tourism and Marketing CEO Mark Romig said.

The commercials show the playful side of the city and the family side, as well.

"The three commercials are all the same script," Romig said. "We are showing New Orleans can be special for families, for those who enjoy the high life, or enjoying the culture of the city. No two NOLAs are the same."

"We thought, why not bring the kids and see how it goes?" said Purnima Monthene, whose family traveled to New Orleans from the East Coast.

"We are targeting the experimental discoverer," Romig said. "They want to get into the city and go where we eat and where we listen to our music."

Romig said more than 80,000 jobs depend on a robust tourism industry.

"We increase visitor spending and encourage them to spend money in our city as opposed to other cities. That will be the proof in the pudding," Romig said.

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