I-10 death investigations: one wraps up, the other reveals little

I-10 death investigations: one wraps up, the other reveals little

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Two families once linked by the death of young women along Interstate 10 now find themselves on the opposite end of investigations.

On Monday, police booked Jasilas Wright's boyfriend, 23-year-old Adam Littleton, into Orleans Parish Prison. The 19-year-old's body was found last week along I-10 near Veterans Boulevard in Metairie.

This weekend, Littleton turned himself in to authorities in Shreveport and told detectives that Wright jumped out of his car after he tried to take her back to Dallas where the two met.

Police said when Wright jumped out of the moving car, Littleton did not stop, turn around or call for help.

"I'm just glad he's off the street," said Wright's grandmother, Carol Bernard. "It was determined that she jumped trying to get away from him. Why didn't you stop? You say you loved her. You were supposed to immediately stop the car, but you kept going."

Bernard said Wright and Littleton dated for a little more than a month.

Littleton faces second-degree murder.

Wright's death came a week after a similar incident on I-10. On June 4, the body of 16-year-old Kaylan Ward was found along eastbound I-10 at Bullard Avenue in New Orleans.

"I'm so happy that they were able to find closure, and that gives me hope, because if God did it for them he can do it for me," said Kaylan's mother, Kenisha Martin-Nelson.

Whoever is responsible for Kaylan's death is still on the loose, and NOPD has no leads, no suspect and no a description of a vehicle that may have been involved.

"At this point, my main focus is laying my daughter to rest, and as of Monday, my new job is finding my daughter's murderer," Martin-Nelson said. "They don't have to come up with any information but they need to understand that as of Monday I will meet with quite a few people."

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