Workout Wednesday: Piyo Routine

Workout Wednesday: Piyo Routine


Trainer: April Dupre' of Footprints to Fitness

Piyo is a combination of Pilates and Yoga with a twist of non stop fluid movement. It gives you hard core definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength with no weights, no major jumps and doesn't destroy your body.

1. Runners Pose

Similar to a one legged dead lift. Keep core tight to help your balance.

-stand on one leg. Bring opposite knee towards chest

-lean forward bending both knees like you're running on one leg

-return to center and repeat

Modification: Don't bring knee as high

Try 5 sets of 20

2. Lunge To High Knee

-stand on one leg while bringing opposite knee above waist

-bring non weight-bearing leg back into a lunge (make sure knee never goes over toe)

-repeat on opposite side

Try 5 sets of 20

3. Curtsy Lunge to Crescent Knee:

-bring one knee diagonally back while hovering it 2-3 inches above floor

-step out of Curtsy Lunge and make a semi circle with opposite knee

-Repeat on opposite side

Try 5 sets of 20

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