Tigers will need to keep bats hot

Tigers will need to keep bats hot

OMAHA, NE (WVUE) - After a sluggish offensive start to their College World Series, the Tiger bats woke up against Cal State Fullerton, collecting 13 hits in their 5-3 win. LSU hitting coach Andy Cannizaro kept on his players to drive the ball, but to keep it low.

"Every inning, every inning in between, he would meet up and emphasize it and keep yelling it over and over again in the dugout, so we finally started doing it well," senior Chris Sciambra said.

Junior Alex Bregman added, "Anything in the air that gets above the outfield bleachers is an out. Anybody can run it down, and we can't afford to hit the ball in the air like that. We just need to stay on top and try to drive the ball through the infield and be aggressive. If we do that, I think we'll have a good offensive showing."

However, the Tigers still stranded eight men on base, a recent concern for Paul Mainieri's team.

"I think for us to win against these teams, this team [Thursday] night, we're gonna' have to take advantage of most every one of our opportunities," Mainieri said. "We're going to have some really clutch hits and great situational hitting. Alex Lange is not pitching in any of these next three games for us, to think you're going to go out and dominate, that's a big assumption. If we have to win 7-5, we have to be able to do that."

And coming off that 13-hit performance, Paul Mainieri said to can expect a similar lineup Thursday night with Alex Bregman hitting leadoff to set the tone.

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