Stolen iPhone helps NOPD track down Mid-City armed robbery suspect

Stolen iPhone helps NOPD track down Mid-City armed robbery suspect

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "We had a friend over that evening. My daughter had some friends over by the house," says the victim, who is not being identified.

After a small gathering at their home in the 600 block of North Solomon Street in Mid-City, the victims tell FOX 8 , they'd walked outside to see a woman and her two kids off. That's when they say a man approached them and asked them for a lighter.

"He asked that question a couple of times, and after we said no, he asked if we had a cigarette. We said no again. Then he pulled out a gun and said, 'give me the keys to the car,'" says the victim.

The victim says two teenage girls were already in the car and had to jump out before the armed man got behind the wheel and took off.

The victim's purse and iPhone were in the back seat.

"I called 911, and we realized she had Track my iPhone app, so when I called 911, I was able to tell them the exact location of the car," says the victim.

The NOPD quickly got the word to officers on the street.

"One of my night watch supervisors was able to get behind the car. There was a brief chase," says NOPD Commander Gary Marchese.

He eventually came to a stop, and police arrested 18-year-old Calvin Hickerson at Franklin and Jasmine in Gentilly.

"We got the gun. We had a positive ID from the victim and the witnesses. We are currently looking at him for some prior armed robberies," says  Marchese.

Police say Hickerson also confessed to the crime. While the victims are happy the suspect was caught, they're also shocked and a bit angry that it happened at all.

"I was angry at him. I was angry that I felt helpless. Fear was in the background, but really, I was mad," says the victim.

Still, she says because of the app and the quick work of the NOPD, the suspect was apprehended in minutes.

Hickerson's bond is set at $175,000.

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