Pucker up! It's National Kissing Day

Pucker up! It's National Kissing Day

(WVUE) - Snuggle up to a loved one and give 'em a smooch! It's National Kissing Day.

Young lovers between 18 and 24 are making out an average of 11 times each week, according to the National Kissing Day website. Meantime, five percent of people over 45 are kissing an average of 31 times a week.

Some researchers believe kissing began millions of years ago as a result of mouth-to-mouth feeding. How romantic.

Kissing in some cultures is also a way to measure where one stands on the social ladder. A kiss on the lips could mean you are an equal, whereas a kiss on the cheek might indicate you have a lower standing.

And it isn't just humans swapping spit. Animals like apes, dogs and cats like to kiss, lick and nuzzle, according to Psychology Today. Snails and insects kiss by using their antennas.

Researchers haven't nailed down exactly why many species choose to kiss. Maybe it's just because kissing feels good.


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