34 shark pups pulled from hammerhead corpse on Destin beach

34 shark pups pulled from hammerhead corpse on Destin beach

DESTIN, FL (WVUE) - A deck hand from a Florida fishing charter removed 34 shark pups from the corpse of a pregnant great hammerhead shark. The incident was caught on video and has drawn heavy controversy.

The shark was caught on a fishing expedition and brought to shore along the Harborwalk in Destin, Florida on June 5, AL.com reports. The 13-foot, 830-pound great hammerhead was caught on the boat's latest charter.

The dead pups were removed from the corpse. Bystanders counted 34 dead sharks that were tossed into a trash can.

The video was taken by Jeff Bratcher of Yukon, Oklahoma and posted to YouTube. Bratcher was on vacation with his family when he took the video. The YouTube video reflects Bratcher's disgust.

"Video of hammerhead shark with 34 baby's caught! This is terribly wrong," the YouTube caption reads. The video has been views over 600,000 times. Numerous viewers have expresses their outrage.

Bratcher said the shark appeared to have bullet or spear holes in its body, according to AL.com.

The captain of the fishing charter, a fishing boat called the Phoenix, said the shark was caught in international waters, AL.com reports. This claim was posted to a now deleted Facebook page. "We would have released it, but the shark died during the long battle," the charter allegedly wrote.

Great hammerheads are listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List, but they are not protected by U.S. government under the Endangered Species Act, AL.com reports.

Great hammerheads are protected by Florida state law. Landing the species in state waters is prohibited.

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