Recorded phone calls and emails presented to jurors in murder trial of Terry Speaks

Recorded phone calls and emails presented to jurors in murder trial of Terry Speaks

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - The prosecution Friday wrapped up their presentation in the murder trial of Terry Speaks.

Prosecutors presented explosive telephone calls and emails between Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez from 2013 when Speaks was in federal prison.

Both are on trial for the killing and dismemberment of Bourbon Street dancer Jaren Lockhart in June of 2012 at a Kenner home. Her remains later washed up on a Mississippi beach.

A packed court room and jurors listened to a recording in which Speaks described how FBI agents questioned him about the night of June 6, the night of Lockhart's murder.

Speaks said he told agents both he and Margaret Sanchez were under influence of bath salts and marijuana the night of June 6th but insisted he and Sanchez are innocent.

Speaks was heard saying, "We didn't do anything. We didn't leave with no girl and we didn't go to Mississippi."

But things quickly became heated in a separate conversation between the two when Sanchez became involved romantically with someone else whom she planned to marry; a man named "Johnny."

The prosecution played a phone call of Speaks learning of this new relationship and becoming angry threatening Sanchez.

He was heard on the phone call saying, "This is the the worst thing you could have done. I've been in prison keeping you out of prison and you do this?"

The prosecution also introduced emails in which Speaks indicated he was prepared to talk to authorities saying, "I'm talking to the people Monday. I don't care anymore. Life is over anyway."

In the same email he says, "I plan to set the record straight and see how life turns out."

The detective further testified under cross examination that a sandal strap, zip tie, cell phone battery, and panties were found in a burn pile at the Kenner home Speaks and Sanchez shared.

If convicted of second degree murder of Jaren Lockhart, Terry Speaks could face life in prison.

The prosecution rested its case Friday just before noon.

The defense called their first witnesses Friday afternoon, Margaret Sanchez's father Joe Sanchez.

The Jury is expected to get the case sometime Friday afternoon or evening.

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