Nicondra: Isolated showers coming for the weekend

Nicondra: Isolated showers coming for the weekend

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Friday turned out nicely with just a few isolated storms and it looks like Saturday will follow suit.

The high pressure still in control across the area is being influenced by the remnants of Bill as it moves east across the area. We can expect to see a few isolated storms across the area over the weekend, but no widespread rainfall.

Look for the southwesterly flow to continue bringing in plenty of warm moist air, but even with the edge of the high being a bit more unstable we won't see a great deal more convection across the area.

There will be more of the same on Sunday so as we officially enter Summer we can expect a seasonably hot day in the low to mid 90s. There is the chance we will see a bit more rain on Monday and Tuesday with the sea breeze and a weak disturbance moving across the area. Wednesday high pressure builds back in warming us up and likely leading to some of the hottest weather so far this season.

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