'Let me go before you kill yourself,' suspect yelled at slain NOPD officer

'Let me go before you kill yourself,' suspect yelled at slain NOPD officer
Holloway served 22 years on the force. He leaves behind three children (Source: NOPD)
Holloway served 22 years on the force. He leaves behind three children (Source: NOPD)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Court documents detail the events that led up to the fatal shooting of New Orleans Police Officer Daryle Holloway on Saturday. New information was released Monday morning after police reviewed footage from the slain officer's body camera.

Travis Boys, 33, is accused of killing Holloway, a 22-year NOPD veteran, while being transported in his police unit.

Boys was initially arrested Friday night. Police say he was arrested in the St. Roch neighborhood following an alleged domestic incident. Holloway, who worked the day shift, picked up the suspect from responding officers early Saturday morning. He was transporting Boys to Central Lock Up when he was shot.

Boys shot Holloway through an access window of the caged portion of the police car, according to court documents. Boys fired one shot, striking the officer in the right flank.

After he was shot, documents state that Holloway struggled with Boys over control of the weapon. "Let me go before you kill yourself," Boys yelled three times at Holloway during the struggle, according to court documents.

Prior to the shooting, Boys was handcuffed in the back seat. His hands were cuffed behind his back. Boys somehow was able to bring his arms to the front, court documents state.

After shooting Holloway, Boys was able to "crawl through the access window from the rear of the transport vehicle, into the front seat and then exit the front passenger door – all while handcuffed to the front," documents state.

You can read the full warrant here.

Police say Holloway struggled to hold Boys. The suspect, however, was able to escape and shut the passenger door behind him. Police say Holloway accelerated, likely losing control of motor skills, and violently crashed into a utility pole.

Besides Holloway's gun, investigators found two others inside the squad car.

After reviewing Holloway's body camera footage, New Orleans police say they have determined Boys is the suspect "beyond any doubt."

Boys was arrested on Sunday morning. He was spotted at convenience store in the Ninth Ward. Officers say Boys hopped on an RTA bus in an attempt to lose them, still wearing busted handcuffs from his arrest Friday night.

"A young, brand new officer with his training instructor spotted him [Sunday] morning," NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison told FOX 8.

There are still many unanswered questions, including why Boys had two guns on him while in police custody. Another question lingers: Where did Boys hide out Saturday night? U.S. Marshals and NOPD officers spotted the fugitive Saturday afternoon in a pick-up truck, before he crashed it into a St. Roch home. A number of streets were shut down for hours without any sign of Boys.

"We don't know how he was able to evade us for that long of a time," Harrison commented. Police aren't sure if Boys had any help in his escape.

During his appearance at Magistrate Court Sunday, a judge described the 33-year-old as a danger to the community, ruling he'll be held in custody without bond.

Holloway served 22 years on the force. He was close to Harrison, who describes him as a man full of life, who had many friends. Holloway leaves behind three children.

During Sunday's court appearance, his bond was set a $1 million for illegal gun, possession of stolen things and theft charges. Boys has no bond set on the murder and aggravated escape charges.

If you would like to donate money to Halloway's family, click here.

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