Court documents reveal new information on officer's final moments

Court documents reveal new information on officer's final moments

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As a community grapples with the loss of a beloved police officer, new details are emerging about his death.

A makeshift memorial is growing ever larger on Elysian Fields, after the murder of a veteran officer, with 22 years on the job, and who was killed Saturday. His uncle said, prior to his death, 44-year old Daryle Holloway, was a devoted cop, who was thinking about moving on.

"He enjoyed it, but he talked about going on the drop retirement program. But it's all he knew, he worked hard, had no hobbies, always at work," said his uncle, David Belfield.

Holloway was at work Saturday morning, transporting 33-year-old Travis Boys, to central lockup, after Boys was arrested three hours earlier for firing his weapon during a domestic incident.

Somehow, Boys was able to bring his handcuffed hands to the front of his body, and, according to the arrest warrant, was able to 'secure possession of a firearm from his person', reach through an access window and 'Fire one shot, striking officer Holloway in the right flank,' or side of his body. Much of it was caught on Holloway's police body cam.

"How all this worked out and whether procedures were followed won't bring my nephew back, but I'm sure police chief will look at it and take any necessary steps," Belfield said.

The arrest warrant also reflects that Holloway allegedly struggled with Boys after he was shot, prompting boys to yell three times, "Let me go before you kill yourself."

Boys then escaped out the front passenger door as officer Holloway grew weak from his wound, lost control of his police SUV, and crashed it into a utility pole at Claiborne and Elysian Fields, mortally wounded.

"Somebody made a critical mistake. I'm not finger pointing, but there's a problem somewhere," Belfield said.

And where that problem lies, is now being investigated.

Boys remains locked up with no bond set.

No word on funeral arrangements for Holloway.

If you would like to donate money to Holloway's family, click here.

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