NOPD begins review of prisoner cages in SUV's after shooting

NOPD begins review of prisoner cages in SUV's after shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison seems determined to change the cages that separate prisoners from officers.

He's begun a review of the new cages used in newly issued police SUV's.

Sources say Harrison is committed to changing a cage that was big enough to allow a handcuffed prisoner, to allegedly shoot officer Daryle Holloway Saturday morning.

Police say not only was the cage window big enough to allow officer Holloway to be shot, but it was also big enough for inmate Travis Boys to slip through.

Chief Harrison has begun reviewing the current design and has committed to changing as many as 300 cages in new police SUV's.

The chief also says he's looking into ordering new cages for more SUV's on the way.

Harrison said, "I have considered and we're starting the process to make sure this never happens again, and using best practices, we want to make sure those gaps in our cage, from a vendor, can be secured so this may never happen again."

Councilmember James Gray said, " Last night, he clearly stated they would do that, and that decision has been accepted and made, and they're moving on that right now."

Sources say the new windows are designed to allow cool air to go from the front of the police unit, to the rear to cool off detainees.

They also say they are a little larger, than the ones used in the old police Ford Crown Victorias.

Councilmember Gray says though no cost figures have yet been drawn up for a cage revamp. He's confident that the council will appropriate the money for the project, when a final proposal is presented to the city.

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