Wednesday is National Praline Day

Wednesday is National Praline Day

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Get your fix, New Orleans. It's National Praline Day.

June 24 is perhaps the sweetest day of the year. It celebrates a staple of New Orleans.

Believed to be invented in France, pralines now have different connotations around in the world. In Europe, the praline has evolved to an entirely different candy altogether. In Belgium and France, a praline is a smooth paste of cocoa blended with finely ground nuts and used to fill chocolate bon-bons, according to Southern Candymakers.

When it came to New Orleans, it took another road. Louisiana replaced the almonds with pecans and added cream — voila, the Southern praline is born. The sugary, creamy and pecan-laden candy quickly spread throughout the New Orleans culture and became a common confection in the area.

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