FOX 8 Defenders: 2-month-long water leak attracts mosquitoes, bees & more

FOX 8 Defenders: 2-month-long water leak attracts mosquitoes, bees & more

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A water leak attracts mosquitoes and swarming bees in the Lower Garden District. It's a concern one resident says she's dealt with for too long just steps from her front door.

"The elderly can't even walk up this way to get through to wherever they going," Tonda Martin said.

And that's not all she's concerned about in the 800 block of St. Andrew in the River Garden neighborhood. Something is leaking in the ground between the street and sidewalk. Martin pulled up a large piece of plywood covering a large hole filled with water.

"The one at the bottom is the one that's leaking," she said.

Martin explained that it's taking too long to get addressed.

"This is been going on for two months - almost three months," she said.

While the leak has been constant and steady, Martin says it's also attracting other concerns.

"You want rats running around your door? You want mosquitoes going all in your house? Look at the bees all right there," Martin said.

While we were there, a Sewerage and Water Board crew pulled up, one worker got out and quickly looked over the area.

"They got a line, a nice 2-inch line running across that might be leaking," the worker said. "We have to get down to it and look at it."

Eventually he called for his supervisor to look at it, but then the three-man Sewerage and Water board crew pulled away.

"Wow, they just leaving," said Martin. "They ain't never said nothing. Oh my god, are you really serious?"

She says the Sewerage and Water Board and River Garden have blamed each other, but Debbie Taullie, director of Operations at HRI Properties, which manages River Garden apartments, says plumbers have determined the break is on the city side.

"We're discouraged that's it's taking a while, but the property management team and the Sewerage and Water Board have been notified, and both have been working together to get it resolved as soon as possible," Taullie said.

She said they don't have the authority to dig up city lines, but they will address the concern over swarming bees right away. Tonda Martin won't rest easy until the entire problem gets cleaned up.

"I feel like y'all supposed to help people. Y'all was gonna help me, and I thank you for coming out," Martin said.

The FOX 8 Defenders have reached out to the Sewerage and Water Board. We're waiting to hear back on what's causing the leak and their timeline for getting it repaired.

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