JP work crew hailed as heroes for quick response to home fire

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The Jefferson Parish Council on Friday honored a Sewerage and Water Board concrete crew as heroes.

The men were working on a Metairie street June 12 when they saw smoke and immediately sprang into action to save lives. What they saw: a shed behind a home on Melody Street engulfed in flames.

It belonged to 90-year-old Aubrey Covington.

Covington said he was testing a generator by his boat and went inside to help his wife. Little did he know an inferno was about to start.

"I was in there about five minutes, and that's when they knocked on my door," he said. "Paul Ellis right here, he noticed the smoke in the air."

Forman Ricky Walker explains how their concrete patch job down the block turned into a rescue mission.

"We all rushed down this way, and when we got down here we could see the back end of the house on fire," Walker said. "And immediately they started knocking on doors to see if anybody - to alert that the fire was going on. Bang, bang, bang – hitting the windows and doors and told them they had a fire."

"And those guys were really kicking," Covington said. Huh! That's the hardest knock I ever heard. But I thank God they were there. I dialed 911, it took less than 10 minutes. I thank them every time I pass when they working."

Covington says fire crews did a great job of putting out the blaze, but the teamwork of these Sewerage and Water Board workers made all the difference. He lost his boat, but says…

"Thank God it was just the boat instead of us."

"I guess you can say anybody would have for a situation like that," Walker said.

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