Some NOPD officers concerned about use of force

Some NOPD officers concerned about use of force

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Monday, we'll hear from the office of the Independent Police Monitor for the first time since Officer Daryle Holloway was killed in the line of duty. The recommendations for the NOPD come as some officers say they worry about the amount of force they're allowed to use with suspects.

The day after Ofc. Holloway was shot to death in his patrol unit, his accused killer, Travis Boys, was picked up and carried into central lockup.

Police Association of New Orleans attorney Eric Hessler says, "They're gonna have to write a use of force report on the fact that they used physical force to carry him into the jail."

Hessler explains that's part of the new protocol thanks to a federal consent decree.

A day after Holloway's funeral, the police department is still searching for answers as to how Boys could've gotten a gun into Holloway's squad car. Hessler says some officers have been hesitant about the level of force they use with suspects. "The Department of Justice is making complaints against these officers when the suspect didn't make complaints."

Boys was picked up on an aggravated assault charge on the morning of June 20th. Police said he was frisked, but no guns were found. The question of how thorough that frisk was, remains unanswered. "I do believe that the scrutiny, the oversight and the pressures that have been brought upon them by recent events across the country is having a dampening effect I guess I'd call it, on their aggressiveness," Hessler explained.

FOX 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti says he's heard of people making up complaints against cops, especially during an arrest and frisk. "People are going to allege anything and everything that the police do," he said.

However, Raspanti says the Department of Justice is working with the NOPD for a reason. He explains, "I think we're already going to see major changes in the NOPD because of the consent decree."

Changes meant to protect officers, and the public.

Travis Boys is being held at Orleans Parish Prison on a first degree murder charge.

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