NOPD makes changes after officer's death

NOPD makes changes after officer's death
Officer Holloway was a 22-year NOPD veteran. (Source: NOPD)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The New Orleans Police Department says they're retraining officers on transport policies and procedures as well as retro-fitting all police cages in officers' cars to make sure what happened to Officer Daryle Holloway never happens again.

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison says now that Holloway has been laid to rest, the department is focused on preventing another tragedy. "We've been in contact with our partners with the Louisiana State Police who are assisting us in retro-fitting all of our police cars so we will have a metal mesh adapter cage that will be retro-fitted into the cages of all of the police cars that have the opening that Mr. Boys was able to crawl through," said NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison.

Investigators say Travis Boys managed to get his hands on a gun while cuffed and in custody and shoot and kill Officer Holloway. Police add that  Boys was then able to escape through a police cage. The chief says they're still looking into how Boys got the gun and whether or not officers properly searched him before he got into Holloway's car. "According to the policy, he should have been searched twice, far beyond a frisk," Harrison said.

While the chief says he doesn't yet know how many times Boys was searched, the department has already started re-training officers in following proper police protocol. The Independent Police Monitor says they've also recommended changes for the NOPD, but wouldn't go into specifics about the case.  "How did Travis Boys get this gun? Once that's been answered, the chief needs to be transparent about it and come out and say, here's what happened, here's what we learned, here's what we're going to do to make sure it doesn't happen going forward," said police monitor Susan Hutson.

As for Holloway, the chief says he's been in touch with his family and has their support. "They are not angry, they are not placing blame anywhere. They're asking me to make sure this never happens again," Harrison said.

Boys was indicted Thursday for first-degree murder, which means he could face the death penalty. We contacted the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office, but they are not commenting on the case and would not confirm or deny whether or not they will pursue the death penalty.

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