St. Roch woman recalls moment when Travis Boys crashed into home

St. Roch woman recalls moment when Travis Boys crashed into home

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - On the day of Officer Daryle Holloway's murder, U.S. marshals spotted suspect Travis Boys driving in a stolen pick-up truck through the St. Roch neighborhood. A chase began, and Boys crashed into someone's house.

"I heard boom and the whole house shook," Gloria Brown said.

That noise was the sound of a pick-up truck crashing into the front of the house where Brown lives. "I saw nothing but the police out here with the guns, and they were like, 'get back, get back in there,'" Brown remembered.

Just minutes after impact, a massive manhunt ensued for Boys. Brown and other residents were stuck in their homes for hours, waiting, terrified, as cops went door-to-door looking for the accused murderer.

Brown says, "I asked the Lord, please be with me Lord Jesus, I don't know what's going on, but please be with me."

Law enforcement agencies from around the metro area worked through the night near Arts and Music streets, even searching the house Brown lives in multiple times with guns drawn. But Boys wasn't found until the next morning in the Ninth Ward.

Meanwhile, more than a week after the accident, parts of the pick-up truck still litter the front lawn, and the front porch isn't safe to stand on. "The porch is about to fall down," Brown said.

Pointing to her front door, she explains, "It's jammed, it's just ridiculous, it's gone baby, gone. All gone."

After assessing the damage, Brown is thankful she wasn't hurt. "That could've been me gone in that house. I'm in there with my two dogs, and I heard this boom, and it was a scary, scary feeling."

Now she's trying to get over the trauma of what happened while trying to move ahead.

An insurance adjuster is due at the home Wednesday to start the claims process. But Brown is worried that the house shifted on its foundation, which could mean major repairs are in order.

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