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Angler finds 10-pound pot package along Plaquemines Parish shoreline

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office

A Tennessee angler on a fishing trip in Venice, Louisiana made a startling discovery along the shoreline.

In an undisclosed location near the Gulf of Mexico, the angler found a massive package of marijuana. Deputies say the package was found on June 7.

The fisherman initially thought he found a boat cushion that washed to shore. However, after peeling back layers of the package, the angler discovered it was marijuana, officers say.

The estimated wholesale value of the package is believed to be around $25,000, according to Plaquemines Parish deputies

The angler contacted a friend in law enforcement, who in turn contacted local authorities. Plaquemines Parish investigators were unable to determine where the drugs initially came from.

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