FOX 8 Investigates: PANO reacts to Travis Boys incident report

FOX 8 Investigates: PANO reacts to Travis Boys incident report

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There is reaction to a Fox 8 investigation that uncovered new information about the murder of NOPD officer Daryle Holloway.

Fox 8 exclusively obtained an NOPD police report that details the critical hours before Officer Holloway was killed. Investigators have said Travis Boys used a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber to kill Holloway while he was in custody. Until now there has been no mention of where that gun came from or how police believe Boys was able to get his hands on it. But, for the first time in this report, we hear of a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber shell casing found at the original crime scene where Boys was first arrested for a domestic assault.

"I don't think the NOPD has quite said emphatically that the gun was on Boys, I think conventional wisdom and the evidence suggests that it probably was," said Eric Hessler with the Police Association of New Orleans.

Hessler had not seen the report until we brought it to his attention.

"The police report indicates that they did everything that they would be expected to do including the search. It doesn't describe how diligent or thorough it was. If, in fact, that weapon was concealed on Boys during this entire time, then apparently the search was not complete enough," Hessler said.

The report goes on to say as the initial arresting officer was removing Boys from the back of his car to put him in Holloway's cruiser, the officer "discovered Mr. Boys moved the handcuffs from the rear and relocated the handcuffs to the front of him."

That's the same move investigators have said Boys made right before he managed to grab a gun and shoot and kill Holloway, meaning it was the second time Boys was able to move his handcuffs.

"That's a bit disturbing," Hessler said. "But there's, you know, if a second officer was there, maybe that second officer could have intervened."

We reached out to the NOPD about the report but they told us this is an ongoing investigation and they have nothing further to provide at this time.

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