Lafitte residents ready for BP billions

Lafitte residents ready for BP billions

The multi-billion dollar BP settlement with the state had lunchtime crowds buzzing in flood-prone areas.

Residents in Lafitte have battled floods more times than they'd like to remember.

"I've been out of my house three times, I'm still waiting to get elevated, maybe that's what I can do, give me a couple of hundred thousand I can raise my house," Jerry Victoriano joked, "No, it needs to get to the coast."

Victoriano hopes the money from the settlement will directly help his town, but he remains skeptical of the promises for coastal restoration until he sees some actual change.

"We're in Louisiana, we've gone through a lot of cash over the years, we're still skeptical about how it's gonna be, again, we've got six billion dollars, we got to be wise about how we're gonna handle it and let's be diligent and getting out there and getting something to happen now," Victoriano said.

Others don't think the money from the settlement will actually make it to the coast.

"No confidence, none, they're gonna find a way to use the money some other place than where it should go," fisherman Dino Pertuit said.

Either way, the people of Lafitte are still hopeful the billions of dollars coming from BP will make a difference on the coast, starting with the town they call their personal paradise.

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