NOPD confirms veteran officer questioned in Travis Boys case

NOPD confirms veteran officer questioned in Travis Boys case

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The New Orleans Police Department confirmed Friday that a longtime NOPD officer and her son have been questioned by the Public Integrity Bureau about the attempted escape of an accused cop killer.

It's just one of many aspects of the crime that's been perplexing to the victim's family as they wait for answers. (Read the police report here.)

The intense manhunt for Travis Boys lasted more than 24 hours. Now, new details are emerging about the the search and how he may have evaded police.

"I've gotten partial information to this point," said David Belfield, the uncle of slain officer Daryle Holloway.

He says PIB investigators questioned veteran officer Jeardine Daniels Sparks and her son about Boys' possible connection to a house that Sparks owns.

"In searching, they found this house was owned by this officer, and in further questioning found her son may have assisted Boys in whatever," Belfield said.

The  house in the 2200 block of  N. Derbigny Street is just a block and a half away from where Boys allegedly killed Holloway and making a daring, handcuffed escape from the caged backseat of the police car.

"Apparently, the police, in searching the area, found that Boys had been in this house and found some links from the handcuffs either in or near the house with tools," Belfield said.

Revelations about the questioning of Sparks are just the latest twist in the investigation. A FOX 8 Iinvestigation this week revealed that police located a .40-caliber shell casing when arresting Boys just prior to officer Holloway's murder. Boys was picked up after he allegedly fired a weapon during a domestic disturbance, but police only confiscated his wife's .38.

"How could they miss the lady telling them it was a black semi-automatic weapon, and they never looked for the weapon?" Belfield asked.

Our investigation revealed that police found three guns in Holloway's cruiser: Holloway's gun that was still in his holster when he was found dead, a .38-caliber that police believe was used in the domestic assault for which Boys was initially arrested, and a Smith and Wesson .40-caliber - the gun police say Boys used to kill Holloway.

"Had they found that gun, chances are Daryle would still be here," Belfield said.

Boys remains in custody and is being held without bond.

A police spokesman says as the investigation continues, there have been no new arrests or re-assignments.

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