Mother to daughter's killer: 'I feel sorry for you'

Mother to daughter's killer: 'I feel sorry for you'

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The mother of a 20-year-old woman who was murdered Friday in Gentilly has a message for her daughter's killer: "I feel sorry for you."

Imani Ruffins, mother of 20-year-old Milan Arriola, took to social media to send a message to her daughter's killer.

"A letter to my daughter's killer"

I'm sharing this today, because TODAY was a good day.

I want you to know that in spite of you changing my life forever, I don't hate you. I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you've never experienced the love that Milan experienced, not only from her family and friends, but coworkers, classmates and random strangers.

An unconditional, heart pounding, take your breath away type of love. I'm certain you haven't experienced this because you had no regard or appreciation for life.

Milan was loved by so many people, she had the brightness smile. Contagious. Like a sneeze.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed EVERY DAY. I prayed for "a girl" A humble, happy, healthy girl, in that order. I prayed that she had her dads soft spoken spirit, his humbleness, his smarts. I prayed that she had my eyes, my smile, my silliness.

You see, how amazing God is? He gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. It's kinda of funny because when I was a few months pregnant I contracted chicken pox, the Dr. told me my unborn child was gonna be retarded, blind and probably deaf and I should probably have an abortion, but I said no. No because I knew God heard my prayers. My faith out weighed everything.

August 27, 1994 until July 3, 2015 I told Milan Domonique Arriola "I LOVE YOU" sometimes multiple times. For 2o years, EVERYDAY I talked to her whether via text, phone or face to face.

I thank God for 20 years with my first child, my only daughter, my best friend. No one, not even you Will Reed can take that away from me and everyone who had the pleasure of sharing her life.

So TODAY I'll pray for you, that God has mercy on your soul.


On Friday police responded to a report of shots fired at the intersection of Humanity and Allen streets around 8 p.m. When they arrived on the scene, officers learned that a female passenger in a yellow Camaro ohad been shot and then driven to N. Broad Street and St. Bernard Avenue. She was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds to the body and later died.

Police arrested Arriola's suspected killer, 20-year-old Will Reed, during a routine traffic stop on I-10 West near Read Boulevard two days later. Reed was arrested without incident, but police say he is refusing to cooperate. Reed is now in Central Lock-up, booked with second-degree murder.

A memorial fund is set up in Milan's name. It can be found here.

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