FOX 8 Investigates: NOPD Officer questioned in Daryle Holloway murder case

FOX 8 Investigates: NOPD Officer questioned in Daryle Holloway murder case

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The NOPD confirms they questioned veteran Officer Jeardine Daniels-Sparks as part of the investigation into how accused cop killer Travis Boys escaped police custody. Now, an exclusive Fox 8 investigation uncovers troubling information about her past.

We obtained Officer Sparks personnel file and information about her Public Integrity Bureau record. According to her file, on May 16th, 2001, the NOPD recommended she be suspended for 85 days for being untruthful, abusing her position and testifying on behalf of a defendant. That defendant was her son.

NOPD documents say Sparks appeared in court twice while off duty and in full uniform on behalf of her son which was against department regulations. She was also cited for using rude, profane language in court and ignored a judge's instructions.

An administrative investigative report says Sparks was untruthful on numerous occasions by indicating she had a subpoena for that court date when the investigation revealed she didn't. The report also says Sparks denied that she asked a deputy to give her son a summons instead of arresting him even though witnesses reportedly overheard that conversation.

"Well, obviously from the initial suspension that was rendered it was considered extremely serious because the allegations not only involved the use of inappropriate language before the public, but professionalism and untruthfulness," said Rafael Goyeneche with the Metropolitan Crime Commission. "When you get to an untruthful element or as an administrative rule if an officer can't be trusted to tell the truth in an administrative than they can't be trusted to be a police officer. "

Sources told Fox 8 that Officer Sparks' son may be an acquaintance of accused cop killer Travis Boys. A home owned by Officer Sparks near where Officer Daryle Holloway was murdered may have been used by Boys to cut of his handcuffs and change clothes prior to his capture.

Police records obtained by Fox 8 show Sparks is now being investigated by the department's Public Integrity Bureau for failing to take appropriate and necessary police action as well as failing to thoroughly search for, collect, preserve and identify evidence in an arrest or investigative situation. While those neglect of duty allegations don't specify whether they're connected to the Boys case. The date specified on the investigation is June 24th, 2015, just for days after Police say Boys killed Holloway and escaped.

"Besides it not being good for her record, a lot of people have some bad smudges on their record, it looks like she's big into helping her son out in his nefarious affairs and that would be consistent with what maybe she's doing here so I think that's going to raise a few eyebrows," said Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti.

It's not clear whether Officer Sparks appealed that 85 days suspension in 2001. The NOPD could not provide us with any other additional information about those new allegations against Officer Sparks because the investigation is ongoing. They do tell us though that Sparks has not been reassigned, transferred, arrested or named as a suspect at this time. We have made every effort to get in touch with Officer Sparks for this story but we have been unable to locate her.

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