Brooks wows the crowd in first of 4 shows

Brooks wows the crowd in first of 4 shows

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Country megastar Garth Brooks kicked off a weekend of shows with a Friday afternoon press conference.

"Each city is released when it's time to release it," Brooks said. "It kind of makes it more of an event. We are excited to be here. Like I said, since we haven't brought the freak show here before, the first fifteen minutes is going to be figuring each other out, and then after that, it's game on."

At the press conference, Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood talked about their life away from the limelight and raising children together - and how they say it was an easy decision to tour together.

"Before, if you would have asked me for the last tour, the hardest part about anybody that does this for a living is what do you do with the other 20 hours of the day? Well now the other 20 hours a day is with your best friend and the love of your life. So it's kind of like every minute is on stage, and it's fun," Brooks said

"I'm happy with my success, and I know I'm married to, like, the guy," Yearwood said. "So I'm always a little nervous about how the crowd is going to react to me. And to see them singing along with my songs just as much as they are with him, it's wonderful. And to see these big burly guys singing "She's in Love with a Boy" in the crowd - it's just really fun.

The fans came out in full force Friday night, making their way to the gates around 3 p.m. just to see what's in store. Some have been waiting for years.

"I actually saw him when he opened up for Reba McIntire in Thibodaux at the Thibodaux Civic Center 20-something years ago," said Michelle Landry. "He was not even the big headliner. It was Reba."

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