NOPD investigates another report of girl lured from home, assaulted

NOPD investigates another report of girl lured from home, assaulted

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans police say a man lured a seven year old away from her New Orleans East apartment to sexually assault her Friday afternoon. The case sounds eerily similar to a rape of a different seven year old last week, just a mile away.

At the Magnolia Gardens apartment complex on Downman Road, frustrations run high. A resident says, "A little seven year old little kid, hey, come on, that's nothing but a little baby, they need to stop that, whoever's doing that."

Neighbors say it was inside the apartment complex where a young girl was attacked just before 2:00 p.m. Friday. Police say a man lured the child away from her apartment, to an alley where he sexually assaulted her. The building is just over a mile from the Hidden Lake apartments, where last Wednesday, police say the man seen in surveillance footage, assaulted a seven year old girl there. The girl's mother and aunt spoke to FOX 8 after the incident.

"She was gone and we came back out and was looking for her and like 10 minutes later, she came screaming, he raped her," the victim's mother said.

Just like Friday's attack, that little girl was also lured away. Police say the suspect took the girl from a courtyard where she was playing, to a breezeway. The victim's aunt explains, "Something about him telling her, I'm gonna bring you to go get a frozen cup. She said well let me tell my mom that I'm going to get a frozen cup and he was like, no need to tell your mom, and dragged her off."

"I think that's scary, it makes you scared to even be outside your house without having to worry about your children and their safety," neighbor Hillary Delrosario said.

A woman who just moved to the Magnolia Gardens apartments this week, says her own daughter was the victim of a sexual assault. "It's something that she hasn't got over and we are working through it every step," the woman said.

Upon hearing of the attack on the seven year old Friday, she says she won't ever be letting her children out of her sight saying, "I keep a close eye on them every step of the way."

New Orleans police aren't yet saying if the two sexual assaults are related, and haven't released a description of the suspect in Friday's attack. But the man responsible for last Wednesday's crime, is described as a teenager with dark, short hair, who is frequently seen in the neighborhood.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance footage or have any information about Friday's sexual assault, please call Crimestoppers. There's a $2,500 reward and you can remain anonymous.

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