Local bookstores open early for Harper Lee's new novel.

Local bookstores open early for Harper Lee's new novel.

In anticipation of a rush on Go Set a Watchman, the Barnes and Noble in Metairie opened early Tuesday morning with more than 600 copies ready for sale.

Octavia Books Uptown also opened early, with more than two dozen copies already reserved.

Go Set a Watchman follows the now grown up Scout as she returns home and depicts the once-beloved character of Atticus Finch as a segregationist.

Some reviews of the new novel have not been kind but Veronica Brooks-Sigler of Octavia Books believes it's an important work of literature.
"It's just very necessary, given all the things that are happening now with race relations and the flag coming down or not coming down and the statues coming down and just how we are handling each other and working with each other," says Brooks-Sigler. "So I feel like it's a good companion piece to To Kill a Mockingbird at this time."

According to online giant Amazon, Go Set a Watchman is the most preordered book since the last installment of Harry Potter in 2007.