Alleged cabbie shooting victim says attack was unprovoked

Alleged cabbie shooting victim says attack was unprovoked

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The victim of a French Quarter shooting says what happened to her Sunday morning was much more than an aggravated assault. She says a cabbie tried to kill her.

She showed us the scars of an early morning encounter with an armed cabbie.

"A graze - very painful. Almost went to the bone,"  she said.

One shot pierced her right elbow, the other went through her leg.

The victim said she went out early Sunday morning to visit friends and get beignets on Decatur Street. It's when she was leaving, and tried to make a U-turn, that the trouble started.

"When I got here, he pulls up, and I backed back here," she said, showing drawing a diagram.

The light changed, the cabbie cleared the intersection, then she made her U-turn. She saw him again, two blocks away.

"When he pulled me over I was eating from my bag of hot beignets," she said.

She says he asked her, "Who are you?'"

"He said, 'You must want to get knocked off,' and then he pulled the gun up like that," she said, raising her arm.

The victim says she then ducked down as three shots rang out, striking the passenger door that was her only protection.

"I'm a woman," she said. "I kept thinking, I didn't do anything. Why did he shoot me?"

As the cabbie sped off, she followed him into the Quarter, where she flagged down State Police.

"NOPD arrived and they started yelling at me, 'Get out of the car!'" she said.

She said police were concerned about a handgun on her floorboard, which she insists she never touched.

"I have a gun for protection," she said. "I'm no vigilante. I work at night. I have to drive home in this dangerous city," she said.

One witness got the gunman's cab number, which led police to Yellow Cabs on Tulane Avenue. On Monday, police arrested Jeremiah Knox and charged him with aggravated battery,and criminal damage and illegal use of weapons.

The victim appreciates the rapid police response, but she believes the victim may have been under-charged.

"I think it should be attempted murder," she said. "I don't think it should be anything else. I did nothing to provoke this man."

On top of everything, the victim says she's had to miss a day and a half of work and has now lost her job as a chemist at an Elmwood lab.

"Now I've got to worry about how I'm going to eat,' she said.

She's healing and looking for work to support her three children.

"I know it will be better, but it's been hard," she said.

The cabbie, Jeremiah Knox, told police that he fired at the victim because he thought she was reaching for a weapon - something the victim flatly denies.

As for the possibility of enhanced charges against Knox, DA spokeman Chris Bowman wouldn't comment since it's still an open case.

In the meantime, the victim's friends have set up a 'Gofundme' account to try and help her. It's listed as "French Quarter shooting victim."

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