Pitted with potholes, some say Fig St. is dangerous, and not just for drivers

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A massive pothole is causing major headaches for drivers along Fig Street near Dublin, and those who drive the street and work nearby say a repair is long overdue.

A handmade caution sign on a telephone pole serves as a warning as drivers slowly navigate Fig Street. It's a good thing, because a mere "dip" sign wouldn't suffice.

"This street is almost impassable," said Cindy Castille. "I don't even want to think about it in a couple weeks."

Castille works in a building that backs up to Fig Street.

"It started as a small pothole when they were doing the construction on Earhart," Castille said. "It has slowly gotten bigger and bigger and bigger."

Her building also houses a rehabilitation center that hosts a summer camp to help kids recover from traumatic injuries and disabilities. Castille says the main access to the building is a pothole-ridden path.

"It'd be nice if their parents didn't have to worry about how to get their children to and from this camp safely," she said.

The pothole is now filled with everything from bricks to sand bags. Castille says those are temporary and insufficient fixes, and what the road really needs is a complete overhaul from the city's Public Works department.

"I called the city, my office manager has called the city, the old office manager in charge called the city when it first started appearing, and no one has ever come out," Castille said.

The construction cone sitting beside the pothole to warn drivers doesn't even belong to the city. Somebody else placed it there. And if the massive pothole isn't bad enough, the shoulder is also giving way. The only road left? The sidewalk. And anyone walking there is walking right into traffic.

"While I was coming to work the other day, I saw somebody walking on the sidewalk. The car was so busy paying attention to not hitting the pothole, they almost hit the pedestrian," Castille said.

She said if Fig Street isn't fixed soon, she fears those near-misses could become unnecessary mishaps - or worse.

We reached out to the Public Works Friday (July 17) today to see if Fig is slated for repair. We have yet to receive a response.

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