SLIDESHOW: Study ranks the 'healthiest states' in America

SLIDESHOW: Study ranks the 'healthiest states' in America

(WVUE) - A new study ranks the "healthiest states" in the United States.

The study examines healthy habits across the country, measuring the active lifestyle and healthful diet of participants.

Data compiled by fitness and workout tracker apps, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness, examined the habits of a combined 90 million users across the country. The fitness and calorie tracking apps took into account numerous factors, including dietary elements (calorie, sodium, fiber and sugar intake) and workout elements (length, frequency and type of exercise logged in each state).

At the top of the list include California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. Wyoming sits at the bottom of the list, followed by North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington DC and Delaware.

Where does your state rank? Mobile users can view the list here.

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