HAPPENING TODAY: Inspectors monitor Mississippi River's rising levels; Cooling showers expected

HAPPENING TODAY: Inspectors monitor Mississippi River's rising levels; Cooling showers expected
Mitch Landrieu joins Pope Francis, world leaders at Vatican summit

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu joins Pope Francis, a select group of mayors, local governors and representatives of the United Nations for a two-day summit at the Vatican.

The international leaders converged on Tuesday to discuss solutions to global issues such as climate change, human trafficking and sustainable development.

Cooling showers and storms expected

Not since July 10 have we seen our afternoon highs reach only to the normal of 91 degrees.

Rain and cloud cover prevented temperatures at Kenner from skyrocketing and that looks to be the case through the week as rain coverage should exceed 30 percent every afternoon.

However, with a lack of clouds and storms in the early afternoon, the high at Hammond reached 99 degrees!

We could see a wide range of temperatures depending on amount of cloud cover and rainfall as well as the timing of such development.

Council vote: Should an investigation be launched into fired St. Bernard employees?

St. Bernard council members will vote on whether to launch an investigation into the parish president's firing of two employees.

Dave Peralta fired St. Bernard's IT director Jeff Brannon and the parish's recovery manager Donny Bougeois earlier this month.

The two have been cooperating with authorities investigating Peralta.

According to our partners at Nola.com/The Times Picayune, Peralta says the firings had nothing to do with the ongoing investigation and that a council investigation would prove that.

The council is also expected to discuss whether to hire outside legal counsel to handle a heated fight over the parish's IT contract.

Inspectors monitor Mississippi River’s rising levels

Rising water levels along the Mississippi River are sending a steady flow of inspectors out to scan the levee system.

From Venice to Baton Rouge, Corps of Engineer and New Orleans Levee District crews check hundreds of miles as the river hits above 15 feet at the Carrollton gage last week.

The Corps expects the river to crest Thursday at 15.7 feet.