New Orleans man uses Facebook to return wallet full of cash

New Orleans man uses Facebook to return wallet full of cash

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A New Orleans man who found a wallet full of cash outside an Uptown restaurant Wednesday also found the fortitude to return it.

Bob Rothman said he was running errands at about 9:30 a.m. and had just dropped his youngest child off at school when he saw a wallet on Antonine Street near Lilette restaurant. For the briefest moment he thought how much fun it would be to spend the $900 inside – that he could just give the wallet back without the money and say he found it that way, right? And maybe there's no identification.

But there was. In addition to the cash, the wallet was full of credit cards and a driver's license, so Rothman did the right thing.

"I know I would want someone to return it to me," he said.

Rothman left a note on the windshield of a nearby car and then used the ID to find the owner on Facebook and send him a message.

"He didn't even realize it was missing," Rothman said. "He has been so nice and appreciative."

The two met up later outside Lilette and the owner of the wallet offered a reward. Rothman said he'd gladly accept a gift certificate to the restaurant, which the owner was equally happy to give.

"He expressed he could never say thank you enough," Rothman said.

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