Central City pharmacist vows to stay after 2 daytime robberies

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A Central City pharmacist believes she's being victimized by the same armed robber over and over again. She also believes new rules limiting access to painkillers may be contributing to increased demand on the black market.

"We're warriors, and we're going to stay, and we ask the public to support us," said pharmacy manager Lishunda Franklin.

The most recent robbery, at 9:30 a.m. on a bright Monday, two masked gunmen were buzzed in to the pharmacy on Simon Bolivar - and it wasn't their first time.

"Last robbery was June 12th, and he remembered we didn't get the other side of the safe, and he asked that I open that side," Franklin said.

One of the robbers is described as being in his 40s and heavyset. The other, a taller man in his 20s with a distinctive voice. They wanted cash and painkillers such as tramadol, codene, percoset and hydrocodone.

"You give them what they ask for, praying that nobody is harmed, and that's what we did," Franklin said.

"Eventually, it's  going to go bad," said Carren Boykins. "It's stressful for someone to come in waving a gun, and the NOPD needs to come in and get these robbers off the street."

Franklin believes the robbers are constantly casing her store and recently tampered with some of the store's surveillance cameras by pointing them straight up.

"They are watching our every move, and you hope they can be found," she said.

Franklin said she has 19 cameras on this pharmacy and is planning to add more. She's also taking other precautions that she hopes will stop the robberies from happening.

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