Vacant Central City lot transformed into innovative play space

PlayBuild play space at 2828 Thalia (WVUE Image)
PlayBuild play space at 2828 Thalia (WVUE Image)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Children played and laughed in a vacant lot in Central City. Once neglected and strewn with trash, this lot has been transformed into an outdoor classroom.

A local contractor offered the resources to the PlayBuild organization to create the innovative play space.

Wesley Palmisano of Palmisano Contractors says, "We looked for and found PlayBuild as a great opportunity to give back to a local nonprofit. We were excited about the the fact that they, of course, engage kids in the community as you see here."

At the ribbon cutting on the new play space Wednesday, Julius Felton offered up thanks and praise on behalf of council member Latoya Cantrell's office.

"The time is right in central city for an opportunity to have this kind of space to fight blight in this community," said Felton.

Summer campers are already taking part in play and art activities. They've been learning about creole cottages, shotgun houses and public spaces.

Once school starts, groups will come to PlayBuild for special outings.

PlayBuild co-founder Charlotte Jones says the activities "not only to give them the skill set they need to learn about design and how important design is, but how important design is in their community."