BIGFISH: Reeling them in near the Causeway Bridge

BIGFISH: Reeling them in near the Causeway Bridge

(WVUE) - There are those who say a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.  That philosophy is certainly one that captain C.T. Williams takes to heart.

Justin Bowles is a weekend warrior, a recreational fisherman, and what we call in the charter business, a "wreck". But he loves fishing the Causeway. Fish are out there.

We thought maybe we might take Justin out to the Causeway and give him some pointers. I brought some experts along - the director of the Louisiana Saltwater Series Redfish Tournament, Sam Barberra, who loves fishing the Causeway, and the head of the Italian American Rodeo, Robby Rabb, another big Lake Pontchartrain fisherman.

With the goal of helping a friend catch more fish, we headed into Lake Pontchartrain and towards the 9,000 pilings that make up the world's longest bridge over a body of water.

The teachers started class, that is until the student, Justin, completely took over. So, clearly I and a few of my friends need to polish up on our Causeway fishing technique.

But there is no doubt the fish are here. Justin proved that to us.

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